God is crazy about us

Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

We are a small dot in the universe. We are dust, insignificant in the sphere of the stars. To our planet, we are a minute irritation. A mini-dot, if you will. Not convinced? Let's do a time-line. From King David's birth, let's draw a small line representing a thousand years and add a notch for Jesus' birth. Continuing with another small line, we can make a notch at Shakespeare's birth and a little further to the year 2090. You and I are just infinitesimal dots on that time-line. Yet, even though we are very tiny and insignificant, God is crazy about us. In fact, he knew us before he made the universe. Not only that, God is on a personal campaign to see to it that we enjoy eternal life with him. Isn't that amazing? In fact, it is so amazing that I can understand why the Sadducees in the gospel got it so wrong about God. To them, there was no way, considering our small and insignificant presence in the universe, that we could possibly be that important to God.

Just after my mother died, I found a place to be by myself for a few moments. I pictured my mother standing before God, face-to-face for the first time. God, by the way, is the kindest and most humble person you will ever have the privilege to meet. I heard God saying to my mother, "You know, Mary, if you want, I will let you go back to the nursing home and you can be with your family and friends." My mother looked into the Beatific Vision and she saw all the angels and saints very happy to have her. She saw her own mother. She looked at the room prepared by our Lord, "I told you that I have prepared a place for you..." She said to God, "There is no way I am going back, I am staying right here." Then God said, "What about them?" He pointed to my father, my brothers and to me, "They will miss you." My mother said to God, "They will be fine. They know. They know I am with you. They know how much you love."

During my mother's funeral, I said a very short prayer, "Thank you. Now, I know."

Fr. Peter