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2017 Homilies

You are His partner (2/26/2017) - Jesus said we should not worry about what we are to eat and what we are to wear or worry about our lives. This is my question: Who in the Bible is the poster boy for anxiety?  The man who fell among robbers who stripped him, beat and left half-dead in a gutter. If anyone […]
Christ gives demanding objectives to live by. (2/19/2017) - There was a Hindu who studying to be a Catholic.  He said to his instructor, “Let me get this straight; you are blessed if you are poor; you are blessed if you’re persecuted.  If someone strikes you on one side turn and give him the other.  Love your enemy. I must pick up my cross, […]
His yoke is easy. (2/12/2017) - Growing up, I was the second oldest of five boys. That means I had one brother who was the boss and three who were clueless. It was impossible to grow up with four brothers and not use the word “idiot.”  With that said, I grew up, minding my own business, then, all of a sudden, […]
Just a little makes a big difference. (2/5/2017) - Dad said, “Let’s go fishing.” I said, “It’s January, the middle of winter! Sounds like a good idea.” We went to the Salmon River. When we arrived, we were met with a severe snowstorm.  It was blowing sideways and I had so many layers of clothing on, I looked like the Michelin tire man. For […]
“Now,do the same” (1/29/2017) - Moses’ life was threatened at infancy by a king. Jesus’ life was threatened by a king. Moses left Egypt, Jesus left Egypt with His parents; Moses entered the desert for forty years, Jesus entered the desert for forty days. Moses went up the mountain to deliver the law; Jesus went up a mountain to deliver […]
Jesus wants us to have two skills in place. (1/22/2017) - Jesus is walking along the shore and he sees fishermen. He calls to them. Then He sees two others mending their nets. Why does Matthew not just write that they are fishermen? Why net menders? Because Jesus needs two sets of skills: one to catch the fish and another not to lose them after they […]
Treasure with your heart (1/15/2017) - Every letter (except one, Galatians) Paul begins with a thank-you to God. This is true with the letter we just read to the Corinthians. Paul is so happy, ecstatic, in fact, at the gifts that God will bestow on his Corinthian Church. But just after the thank you to God, the fireworks begin. Paul seems […]
Following the Light (1/8/2017) - My friend Jack asked me to fish with him one early evening. I always like to fish with my friend because he knows all the secret places. When I arrived it was dark. He first wanted to go to the yacht club where he is an associate member. Associate membership in a yacht club means […]
Nothing is impossible. (1/1/2017) - The angel Gabriel gave word to Mary that she was going to be the mother of God. Mary tells him that she is the handmaid. Then, the last line: “the angel departed.” Does that strike you as odd? I would think that the angel needs to explain about some of the events that are about […]